Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out to us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Where are you located? Lulu’s is located at 8982 S. Old Glenn Hwy near mile 7 in Palmer, Alaska. Only 45 minutes from downtown Anchorage and 15 minutes from downtown Palmer!

Are you pet friendly? This was a hard one to decide, as we understand the need to keep a safe and clean environment for all to enjoy. Please contact us directly to book with your pet companion so that we can coordinate your stay. We welcome your well behaved & supervised pet companion and would like to coordinate your accommodations accordingly to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone. Please note pets are not allowed to be left unsupervised in the glamping tents. Please leash and clean up after your pets. An additional cleaning fee may be required. This helps keep our tents a clean environment for all to enjoy. We do require a waiver to be signed upon arrival at check in.

Are you kid friendly? We welcome your well behaved & supervised children to experience the natural surroundings and glamping experience Lulu’s provides. Please note we are close to the river's edge and request that children are closely supervised. We do require a waiver to be signed upon arrival at check in.

What is included in the glamp site? A well appointed tent outfitted with an awning, a queen size bed, bedding, rugs, throw pillows, extra blankets and seating for two in a styled setting. Amenities include bug and bear spray, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, ear plugs, eye masks, a lighter, fire starters and flyers of our favorite local attractions in the Mat-Su Valley. Amenities provided are for onsite/during stay to use. A citronella tiki torch and outside seating are found at each glamp site along with a personal use Solo stove with a bundle of firewood. 

Please remove shoes before entering the tent.

Each tent includes a Solo stove and one bundle of wood. Additional wood bundles are available for $7. Payments can be made by Cash, Venmo or CashApp. NEVER PUT WATER IN THE SOLO STOVE TO PUT OUT THE FIRE. Simply let it burn out. Do not put the cover on while it is still warm as the cover will melt.

How do I check in? We offer a self check – the process: On check in day you will receive the name of your tent/camper prior to your arrival. All sites are marked with signage. Lulu does live on property but is not always present to greet guests. A waiver must be signed by all guests in the party, everyone may sign the same waiver form. Waivers are located on a blue clipboard that you will find on the deck.

What time is check in/out? Check in after 4pm, until 11pm. Remember it’s the land of the midnight sun! Please let us know your approximate check in time. Check out is 11am. Arrangements can be made for alternate check in/out times, just ask!

Is there heat? Tents may be warm during the day and cooler at night. There are extra blankets in the tent but we realize sometimes that is not enough. Propane Buddy Heaters are available to rent, $10 per night. Buddy heaters are already in the tent. If you use the Buddy heater, please pay for the service on the honor system. Payments can be made by Cash, Venmo or CashApp.

Is there electricity? The individual glamp sites do not have electricity, however, there are outlets on the deck for guests to use to charge phones, laptops etc.

Are there bugs & wild animals? This is camping and yes, there may be mosquitoes. A tiki torch with citronella is by the tent to use outside. There is also bug spray provided in the tent. Alaska is a wild place and there are animals big and small. You may see moose nearby or on the property. Remember, we are in bear country.

Are there quiet hours? Quiet hours are between 11pm – 8am. Please be mindful of other guests.

Is there a bath/shower facility? There are shared porta toilets along with foot pump sinks providing water for hand washing. There is one outdoor shower (located on the opposite side of the building of the deck) with propane hot water on demand. Simply open the propane tank to the right of the shower stall. When you turn the nozzle to the shower on, the propane ignites and heats the water. Please be sure to close the propane tank when finished with your shower.  We provide Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap. Towels are located in a basket on the deck. Please leave your used towel inside your tent. If an outdoor shower isn’t your thing, there is a laundromat 20 minutes away that offers coin operated indoor showers.

Food: We are in bear country. Please do not bring food into the tents. Leave all food in your vehicle overnight.

Is there a kitchen? There is an outdoor kitchen on the deck featuring a propane BBQ grill for guest use and other kitchen amenities such as pots, pans and dishes. Please clean up after yourself. Note that the sink drains into a bucket that needs to be emptied or it will spill over. Empty the bucket to the front side of the cabin in the grass. 

Is there WIFI? Yes, there is WIFI on the property but it does not reach every glamp site. The common area on the deck offers WIFI, & outlets for charging devices.

Is there ambient noise or neighbors? The property is located on the road system, that means there are some sounds of traffic. On the river, there will be a variety of watercraft passing by as well as planes and helicopters flying overhead. There are earplugs provided in the tent.

Do you offer Wedding/Event packages? YES! Please inquire.

Is the property available for photo & film shoots? YES! Please inquire.

No smoking on the property. This is for the comfort and safety of everyone.

Open Flame: Please do not burn candles in the tent. All candles in the tents are battery operated. We also keep a close eye on local regulations related to open fires, please follow red flag warnings and any open fire regulations.

Lights? There are times that the property is dark, therefore, there are battery operated lights in each tent. There are also solar lights throughout the property.